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May 15, 2012 · 17 comments

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This is a very short post but a deeply heartfelt one. I’ve been a photographer since 1999 and with all the challenges of having a business, I still love being a photographer and I am beyond grateful that I get to do something creative.  I love painting with light. I love the people I work with. And , I love hearing each person’s story and their journey.  To my all clients: past, returning and future, I say THANK YOU

Thank you for allowing me to keep doing this job!

Tell me, what you do love about your job and the people you get to help?

  • I love my job because I get to make children’s happy for a living!  I am a party entertainer whose biggest fans are under 5!  I simply love this age group.  Celebrating their special day with their whole family is just so much fun!  When I go to work, people are always happy to see me.  It just doesn’t get better than that.  In your work, Tanzie, you make people smile!  We are both very lucky! 

  • Happy Anniversary !  It’s blessed to have a job / career that we love.  I feel so inspired by my clients everyday – they want to take their Life back by putting their Health first.  I love seeing their confidence grow – when they realize that  healthy eating & cooking can be so easy and delicious.  I love witnessing their transformation – when they realize that rest & recovery is just as important as jogging or even walking for 20 min. a day.  Our Health should not be a chore !

  • Kim

    So glad you get to do what you love.  I too have been in business since the 90’s and it’s been a long journey, but not one I would change.  Keep on moving forward and best luck with the next decade.

  • It is such a blessing when you find your true calling in life, I can’t think anything better then to work with what you love the most and having so much fun when you go to “work”!

  • Congrats on being able to do what you LOVE! As a life transitions coach,  I love that I get to help people out of their “suffering” and release attachments around their life challenges. I truly believe that we all go through events and situations that may cause us pain, but that suffering is a choice. Even in our darkest moments, we can choose another perspective. Best of luck to in the next steps of your journey! 

  • I love how brief but poignant this post is.  Too enough we think about what we can’t stand about our job and the people around us!  As a business and career coach, I love hearing about all the interesting things my clients are working on — I’ll hear a draft of a 20-second pitch or I’ll see a LinkedIn profile, and it’s all so creative and inspiring.

  • Elizabeth

    My mother always told me “find something that you are passionate about and then do it for the rest of your life.”
    Clearly, you have this message etched in your brain.  Your work is amazing!

  • Joanne

    All too often I hear people complain about their jobs, so it’s great to hear how happy you are with yours!  

  • AnnFengShui

    Great post!  It’s wonderful that you’ve been doing this work you love for such a nice long time. Your love for your work shows through ;)) Congratulations!

  • rozwalker

    What a lovely love letter to your clients!  Who wouldn’t want to work with you!  My job?  I love helping people succeed.  I get great satisfaction when my services help to give someone more time in their day, reduce frustration, gain more followers than they thought possible, get more sales for their products, or help them land that prized sponsor for their radio show.  My work is covert, so my satisfaction truly comes from my clients’ responses to what I do.

    • Thank You Roz… love hearing more about your work and think another benefit of what you do for your clients is change their quality of life.

  • Hooray for happy photographers! 🙂 One of my first follow-up questions when I ask someone’s occupation is usually “do you like it?” I love when the answer is positive!
    To answer your questions: I love being a part of happy times of people’s lives and documenting those relationships important to them.

    • Yes Emily, it’s so great when people love their job. We all benefit!

  • Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Thank you post. That’s really nice. You forget how great it is to have someone say thank you for choosing me. 

    You definitely are a painter of light. Congrats on your journey!

    • I don’t think I have either, thought this was a good way to send a warm and happy shout- out to all my clients.

  • This is such a happy post. I can tell that you just love what you do. Thanks for spreading this positive energy. I do wish you many more beautiful photos on your journey. And, to answer your question, the best part of my job is helping caregivers that are tending to their aging parents–one of the most rewarding roles ever!

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