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Are your headshots 3 or more years old?

Not getting calls?

Can’t audition because you have no headshots?

You’ve been told you your headshots look ‘too young’ or ‘too old’?

Physically you’ve changed…new cut, hair color… lost weight, gained weight?

No personality or spark in your current headshots?

Maybe you just plain ole have bad headshots that you’re embarrassed to use.


If you answered YES to any of these, you’re probably loosing out on jobs and money. Guess what? It’s time for NEW headshots and I can help!

Get Back In The Game
Great headshots matter— Together we’ll get headshots that look and feel like you and have oodles of personality. Whether you’re a film, TV and/or commercial actor, I’ll get you a variety of looks, indoors and outdoors. Never done this before? No need to worry. Updating for the 100th time? Still no need to worry. You’re in good hands. I’ll help you throughout the session, directing and making sure your energy, personality and eyes shine!

The best part? You’ll know before you leave that you have amazing shots– I love to show actors throughout the session what’s going on, for encouragement and to fix anything that’s not working. The end result are confident, powerful headshots that look like you and NOT like every other actor.  So, get ready for more callbacks, auditions and doing more of what you really LOVE– ACTING!!!

Side Note–  I should also mention my sessions are lots of fun too.  You’ll leave laughing and secretly wanting to shoot every month. You been warned.

Are you excited…ready to stand out?  Contact me to schedule your shoot and talk prep details!