Hacked By Sxtz

June 29, 2012 · 11 comments

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Hacked By Sxtz
$ GreetZ to Shade – Prosox


  • These are great pics, and she looks good in all of them! Regarding using photos on my website, I recently did some new headshots, and used one in my website header. I totally love it. My old photo did not show my personality, but I believe the new ones convey exactly the feeling that I want people to get when they think of me. A great photograph can really communicate a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  • DrSusan

    What a difference! The old photo was good. The new ones really pop. An important lesson in the use fo color.

  • Susan Newman

    Brilliant work capturing Christine! Stunning! I will also be watching how she changes her site and uses these new shots! I know that people are still commenting on the photos of me that you did and that was 6 months or more ago! 

  • Beautiful! That red top is certainly stunning. Great work!

  • Love the switch of color, much more exciting and inviting. All the after pictures are great – good stuff.

  • AnnFengShui

    As a fellow Feng Shui consultant it’s great to see Christine really using the power of color in her photos!  You captured her so beautifully; I know these pics will add a shot of adrenaline to her new site.  Great stuff!

  • ElizabethBFFLCo

    These photos look great! The closeness and the colors allow the viewer to really connect with Christine. I hope her new website is a success!


  • I like how the After photos pop.  Bove looks more approachable and therefore more hireable! In my experience as a writer/ speaker/ coach, good photos definitely make a difference — to clients, to media/ press.

  • Tanzie: What a difference! Christine looks so natural and STUNNING!

  • Debra Woog

    Christine looks gorgeous! In my experience website photos are absolutely critical to help readers connect with the entrepreneur. Recently I added my first video to my homepage and I noticed sign ups for my list and to follow my blog have increased significantly. Tanzie, what you do is so important for entrepreneurial success!

  • Linda B. Feng Shui Consultant

    Christine looks amazing, good work! You really captured her essence. I love the RED!! It’s interesting to see the comments on how her new photos actually would make her more hireable and more connected. I am doing my photos over as well. I like Debra’s comment on how activity increased for her. I will be adding my new photos to my new website as well. You are a great photographer.

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