1) How many shots do you take, how much and how long are each session?
Email for rates here for different packages and details. Please note I usually shoot much more than the minimum.

2) What clothing should I bring?
Once you book, I’ll send you a prep info. Typically solid colors that complement your skin tone with a variety of necklines that fit you nicely (nothing too bulky, baggy or big). I strongly suggest bringing more than you’ll need and I’ll help you select which are best for the shoot.

3) Do you shoot with studio or natural lighting?
I shoot with natural light so you resemble how you look everyday.  For variety, I shoot indoors (see my Chelsea studio here) and outdoors– on the rooftop and nearby in the Chelsea area.  You’ll get a range of images for all your acting needs.

4) Do you provide a hair and makeup person? Is this included in the fee?
I do the makeup for my photo sessions and makeup is included in the the Oscar and Commercial Print session. If you have a favorite lip color, foundation, mascara etc feel free to bring along. But I also have plenty of makeup at the studio so I’ve got you covered. I don’t do hair because I really believe it’s important for you to wear a style that’s easy to achieve on your own.

5) Do you also shoot horizontally or vertically?
Generally I shoot a mixture a horizontal and vertical images but I’m fine with shooting one or the other if this is what you prefer. Just let me know at the start of the shoot.

6) Do you recommend retouching?
Digital images usually benefit greatly with some retouching like color correction, blemish removal, teeth whitening etc. So, it is something I highly recommend for any shot(s) you’re using to promote yourself and get work. I do all of my own retouching and will enhance the photo in very natural way where you still look like yourself.

7) If I am not happy with the results will you re-shoot?
I don’t rush the session and take time to make sure you’re getting what you need. I also make sure before you leave you have images you like by showing you throughout the session what we’re doing. I’ll re-shoot for free if I’ve done something wrong technically.

8) Do you offer a student discount?
I don’t offer a student discount but do offer a savings on referrals.  Refer a friend and you both receive a $100 off a session. They must give your name as the referral and schedule a shoot (with a deposit) in the same month as you.

9) Where is your studio?
I’m located in Chelsea at 526 W 26 St (bet 10 & 11th Ave) on the 10th flr, Suite 1001. Take the A or C train to 23rd St then take the M23 bus crosstown to 10th Ave or walk 2 blocks to 10th Ave.