Top NYC Actor Headshot Photographer – Tanzie Johnson

Tanzie Johnson


Hi, I’m Tanzie Johnson. I’m a NYC- based,  self-taught photographer, shooting for over 10 years now.

Although I didn’t set out to be a photographer, there are 3 moments that led me on this great journey. Growing up in Florida I worked with a local photographer as a test model. Being on the other side of the camera was insightful and instructive to how I work with clients today. One summer I traveled to Europe for 6 weeks with my little point and shoot camera and came back home with 15 rolls of film shot. I fell in love with photography during this trip. Not only was I inspired by my surroundings but I was acutely aware of what and how I was shooting. But the clincher came a few years later when I studied acting at the William Esper Studio. Soon after the program ended I bought a professional camera and started shooting my actor friends.  I love photographing people. This was IT, my thing!  Unfortunately, this was the end of my acting career because photography took off. And, here I am today, still doing my thing.

Want more… a few other things you don’t know about me:

1.  I’m a HUGE old school, classic movie fan. I’m talking anything from Chaplin silents to Ben-Hur
     to All About Eve to Kiss Me Kate to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre to…I could go on and on.

2.  I have quite an eclectic taste in music–R&B, Jazz, Rap, Metal, Rock, Pop, Gospel and
     more…recently started listening to Pink Floyd. Where have I been?

3.  But MY absolute favorite singer is Prince! I sometimes fall into a spell of only listening
      to him for months on end. Crazy, I know.

4.  Began painting acrylics and watercolor about 5 years ago.

5.  I love cooking and baking and I’m pretty damn good at it.

6.  I’m a very fast walker. If you ever see a blur of light through the city, it’s me.

7.  I believe EVERYONE is photogenic.